Blending functionality and beauty

Never before has staying connected looked so good.

Keep your phone charged while you are on the go and be notified of calls, messages and social updates via the pulsating light on the Gianoi logo.

Supercharged style

Never worry about running out of battery again.

Charge your phone up to two times by simply plugging into the usb hidden in the internal pocket. The charging function is compatible with any device that uses a standard usb cable.

Connected chic

Never miss important calls, messages and social updates.

Via our app, filter the notifications most important to you and tuck your phone away. When you receive a notification the Gianoi logo will light up to alert you.

App compatibile with iphone 6 or newer, running ios 9 or higher.

Wireless charging

Charged and ready to go.

Each bag comes with a sleek wireless charging plate. Just place your bag on it when you get home, and it will fully charge wirelessly overnight.

All Gianoi products are patent pending.