A unique fusion of exquisite Italian craftsmanship and true technological innovation.

We create beautiful pieces with function far beyond the ordinary, created to enrich your life, and make sure you are always in touch.

Gianoi is a brand of vision: rooted within a rich Italian heritage, our inspiration flows from Janus, the ancient roman god of transitions, presiding over the past and future.


Emerging from the seductively contrasting worlds of fashion and technology, and re-shaping the craftsmanship of the future, Gianoi was founded by brothers Enrico and Raffaele Caroli.

From their childhood in southern Italy, the Caroli boys were taught the art of design and a passion for true artisanship by their father, who began training as a master leather maker in 1963.

While Enrico forged a high-profile career within the global technology industry, Raffaele developed his creative vision working for leading fashion houses including Alexander Mcqueen and Jean Paul Gaultier.

Their combined international success led the brothers to eventually fuse their expertise with a desire to explore the unfamiliar, creating a new, exciting and revolutionary brand.